Friday, March 25, 2011

The Musical

Brooke's musical was great! Too bad she was in the back row where we could hardly see her (or get any good pictures)

I love this picture because they were jumping and I took it at just the right time that she's higher than most of the other kids.

She was a swimmer and sang and danced during "Under the Sea". I could tell she was a little nervous to be out in front of everyone.

We went to Dairy Queen to celebrate afterwards, and saw half of her girl scout troop there!

Reality Re-cap


Anybody else watching this season? I wasn't really excited for the "stars" this time around but was actually pleasantly surprised on Monday. BIGGEST SURPRISES: Ralph Macchio, Kirstie Allie, and Sugar Ray Leonard. I also think Kendra Wilkinson and Chelsea Kane will do pretty well.


What was going on this week? All kinds of weird, crazy surprises. Somebody's leftover dinner, a crazy African dance, and Hulk Hogan.

Jacob Lusk-don't really care for him. Sure, he's a great singer. But he had a choir singing with him on the first week. Where do you go from there? I didn't think his performance warranted all those hugs.

Scotty McCreery- I love country so I don't mind him. In fact, I think I have a small crush on him. But, it's hard to get the country out of him when he's supposed to be singing Motown.

Paul McDonald- I definitely have a crush on this guy. I know he dances weird, but I like it. He's got such a great stage presence and is so comfortable and confident.

James Durbin- Love him. Just wish he would get rid of his "tail".

Casey Abrams-Love him too, even if he is a little crazy. I was also shocked he was going to be sent home. When the judges saved him, I thought he was about to faint or something. He was shaking life a leaf. I was a little surprised the judges used the save so early on, but glad they did.

Stefano-don't care too much for him. Wish he would've been sent home last night.

Pia-definitely has a great voice, probably the best of the girls.

Thia-great voice, but too young. her voice but that African dance was a little...different.

Lauren-like her, but also a little young.

Haley-thought her performance this week was one of her better ones.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Girl's Night!

Here's to proof that I do have friends in Kentucky. My friend Francine (back row right, with red vest) graciously hosted a Bachelor Finale Party last night. At first we didn't think anybody else would come, but word spread and there ended up being 12 other women there! It was a really fun night. I was so glad Brad picked Emily. After the Final Rose was a bit of downer though. They're together, they're not together...Just make up your mind!

I was disappointed they didn't announce the next Bachelorette...but found on-line that it's Ashley H! Apparently it was announced on Jimmy Kimmel Live?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why didn't I think of that??

I got this idea on a food blog. You set out some fruits and veggies in a muffin tin right before dinner to give something to the kids to munch on while they wait. I didn't know if it would work but I gave it a try. I'd just gotten some veggies from my dinner group, and they happened to be some of Brooke's favorites. Brocolli, cauliflower, grape tomatoes, and carrots. The empty spot was where the grape tomatoes were. Both girls love them and I need to buy them more often. I've tried it a couple times since then and it has been a hit! Anything to get them to eat more fruits and veggies!

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