Sunday, December 29, 2013

Holidays 2013

I am very far behind on blogging.  We have had lots of fun though!  Gingerbread villages, Children's Museum Jolly Days, Polar Express in IMAX, visits to Santa,  opening presents, Christmas lights, and more!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tricks or Treats

Trick or Treating this year was moved to Friday, November 1 because of storms that were predicted on the 31st of October.  The storms didn't end up being that bad in our neck of the woods, but it was nice to do it on a weekend night to not have to worry about getting to bed on time.  I actually wouldn't mind doing that every year....but I'm sure others would disagree. 

Anyway, our witch and our cow had a great time trick or treating and got loads of candy!!  I wish I could say we still have a lot left, but that's not true...I think they've been on a sugar high for the past couple weeks!! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Break Randoms

We survived two weeks of taking care of the class turtle, Flapjack!  It was a good experience for Brooke, but we have no plans to do it again any time soon or to get one of our own. 

 Trip to the pumpkin patch!  Still haven't carved those suckers...

 Trunk or Treat!!
 Charlotte and her crew!
 Couldn't resist this cute couple...I liked their car but really wanted a picture of them! lol
 Brooke and Ella

Conner Scairie take 2

 Our second trip to Conner Scairie was a success, except only half of us ending up riding the Headless Horseman hayride in the dark.  Nathan watched Sleepy Hollow with Brooke and she had nightmares for days and refused to get on the ride again.  We still hung out with them in line.  I think Charlotte loved the ride better in the dark and it sounds like it was pretty exciting!

 Charlotte walked the runway at Beautisha's fashion show.

 Nathan was a good sport and tried to go down the ramp with Charlotte.
 We had a story time with Holly Ween. 
 Nathan got his pictures taken with the other mayoral candidates. 


Children's Museum and Haunted House

We took a quick trip to the Children's Museum during Fall Break.  We didn't see a lot, because it was pretty crowded!  We had a whole crew with us because my Aunt Saundra and Uncle Richard were visiting from Utah.  My mom, dad, Lauren, and Nathan came along too. 

 Hula hoop rockstars. 

 Waiting in a long line for the Haunted House. 
 We met a new friend in line.  This little 6 year old boy was the cutest.  I can't remember his name and even if I did I would probably butcher the spelling. 
I won free tickets to the Haunted House so I was pretty excited about taking my kids.  They had a lights on time and a lights off time. I really thought my kids could handle the lights off so that is when we went.  Bad mistake!!  My kids were scared to death and will probably never go to another haunted house again.  Oh well.  Learning experiences.  (Our friend was pretty scared too)
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