Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Little Mommies

My girls are going to make great mommies someday. These are pictures of Charlotte putting her baby to bed. She puts her in the little crib that we have for dolls and puts blankets on her. She says "night night baby". She gives hugs and kisses. It is so cute. She even tries to put diapers on them. Speaking of diapers....Brooke changed Charlotte's diaper today. And it was poopy!! I left them downstairs to play and watch a movie to come upstairs to take a shower. My dad was upstairs in his office. I just asked him to listen for them to fight or cry or anything. I got out of the shower and Brooke comes running in telling me to come get Charlotte's poopy diaper. I asked her if I needed to change her and she said she already did, I just need to come get it. What?!?! Please tell me you're kidding. I run downstairs and find Charlotte laying on her changing table with diaper off and wipes all over. Brooke had actually done a pretty good job. Good thing it wasn't such a bad diaper. She didn't have the new diaper on yet, but wanted to do that too, so I helped a little. So those are my mommies in training. Not that I always want my 5 year old changing poopy diapers. My 22 year old sister and dad don't even like to change poopy diapers, why does my 5 year old? Pretty crazy. Anyway, no pictures for the diaper incident. I was in too much of a hurry to grab my camera.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Charlotte's Birthday party

We had a great day today. Not only was it Memorial Day, but it was also Charlotte's 2nd birthday. So we celebrated with a cookout and birthday party. Charlotte has been singing "Happy Birthday to me" all week. She really seemed to understand what was going on. But we have had a lot of birthdays this month to get ready for hers.

She had a great time "tearing" into her presents. Look at all those clothes! She had to put the swimsuit on over her clothes and her new Dora sandals.
This is Brooke trying on the hair piece she got for Charlotte. Charlotte wasn't very interested in it, but Brooke was! I think she really got it for herself.

Here are a couple more pictures of playing in the yard. It's a big yard great for running!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Here is a picture from Brooke's 5th birthday party that was on Mother's Day. She was even born on Mother's Day so it has always been a special day. Lauren got her a Hannah Montana wig so that is what she is wearing.

We are currently living in my parents basement so that we can get our house sold to move to Michigan. Nathan is finally going to finish school!! He has pretty much a full ride so we really feel like we need to go. This is the third time we have tried to go. Let's hope that the third times a charm!!

Charlotte's birthday is on Memorial Day. I will post more pics soon!
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