Thursday, May 30, 2013

End of school fun

Yesterday was a big, fun day.  Brooke had 4th grade Pioneer Day all day.  They were allowed to dress up in pioneer outfits and play pioneer games, make butter, try some food, and have a pioneer dance.  Aunt Rachel made a pioneer dress, that hopefully, Charlotte will be able to wear in a couple years!

I helped out at the relay station, where they had to put pioneer clothes on over their clothes and race to the cones and back. 

After a quick lunch, I headed over to Charlotte's school so I could help at their field day.  This time, I had a group of students I was leading from station to station.  They also had a tug of war, corn hole, petting zoo, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, relay race, and much more! 

I guess I was too hot and tired to take any more pics at this point.  But it was a fun day and I'm glad I was able to spend it with both my girls. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

Charlotte is 7!  We tried to make it a fun day/weekend for her.  Lots of celebrating with family and lots of cake!  Grandma made her favorite dinner-taco's!  And we got a yummy cake from Costco's.  She requested it had a soccer ball on it.  We will try to celebrate with friends next weekend.

Good Job, Brooke!

Brooke has had a lot of excitement in her life lately.  First, she played in a 3 week Volleyball clinic with some awesome coaches. They were each awarded with a tshirt at the end of the clinic. 

Next, she was recognized at school for reading 100 books!  She received another tshirt and a certificate for her accomplishment.  Her name will also go on a plaque that will be displayed in the school forever. 

Lots of fun things coming up for Brooke this summer, including basketball camp, bowling camp, synchronized swimming, and more!  Stay tuned! :-)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Birthday/Mother's Day weekend

 What a weekend!  Brooke's birthday was on Saturday and Mother's Day on Sunday.  She requested to open her gifts as soon as she woke up. 
 I took her and a couple friends to an open gym at a Sports Complex.  They had everything and it was so much fun for them!  They loved the zipline and the gymnastics stuff.  They also had a bounce house, climbing rope, rock wall, basketball courts, batting and soccer cages, and more!  I'm probably taking Charlotte and a few friends for her birthday as well.  :-)

 Morgan, who we love dearly, is moving to Utah this summer.  We are so sad to have her leave us.  She made Brooke's gift completely out of duct's a new thing, have you heard about it?  You get special craft duct tape with patterns at craft stores.  Anyway, Morgan used all of her own money and spent hours during the week making the bag, a wallet, hair stuff, and more.  It was the most awesome gift ever and she is such a good friend to Brooke. 
 Brooke requested a cookie cake from Kroger. :-)  Yummy!

 My kids were pretty nice to me on Mother's Day.  Charlotte wrote me some love notes during church.  I'm so lucky to be a mom to these 2 great girls.  By the way, I'm really self concious about the picture below, but I just don't post enough pics with me and my girls!

Grandma Benjamin

This post is a little late in coming, but my dear, sweet 91 year old grandma passed away in April.  She lived a good, long life and was ready to reunite with her many loved ones on the other side.  We shared some wonderful memories of her at her funeral. 

She loved swimming in cousin Chelle's lake, even if she did need help getting up and down the hill, and in and out of the water.  Surrounded by her great-grandkids, her most prized possessions.  

 4 generation picture at Charlotte's baby blessing
 She loved celebrating her birthday, here she is at her 89th.

 All the Asay grandkids that were in town for her 89th.
 Happy 90th...a huge surprise party was planned later in the week, but I didn't take any pictures that day :-(
 On the way to her funeral, we had breakfast at her favorite hangout...Hardee's.  It may sound weird, but she spent MANY years right in that booth and had many friends from there.  She loved when we come in and she could introduce us to her friends.

 Most of my siblings, just missing Nicole, and cousin Chelle. 
 The family.
We got to meet for the first time Derek's new baby, Elise, who they adopted last summer from China.  So adorable.

We miss Grandma, but know she is in a better place. 

Field Trip Fun

 She is attempting cousin Addie's pose from last summer :-)
 Our first time to see the Superhero exhibit...she's trying to step on buildings. :-)
 Charlotte, a friend, and their teacher, Mrs. K.  She is one of the best!

 The ever popular pendulum at the State Museum.  They were mesmerized for about 10 minutes.

I had the privelege of chaperoning two field trips in the past month for both my girls. The Children's Museum with Charlotte, and the Indiana State Museum with Brooke.  Each time we only had one other student in our group because so many parents were attending.  It was pretty awesome!
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