Saturday, March 9, 2013

Snow Day!

We **hope** we've gotten the last of the winter weather until next winter....we ended up with a snow day in March!  All church activities were cancelled on Tuesday night and school was scheduled for a 2 hour delay on Wednesday, until that morning.  Trying to sleep in, and we got the call that school was actually going to be closed.  Charlotte was disappointed she was going to miss her field trip (they're making it up in April) and I was missing out on a subbing job.  Bummer!  But Nathan had scheduled the day off to go on the field trip so we had a fun day!  Funny though, playing in the snow was not involved that day. 
We have been wanting to take our kids to see Parental Guidance and it was at Movies 8 in Greenwood, an hour away!  I called my parents, and funny enough, they had planned to take my grandma that day also.  So we met them there.  We enjoyed the movie with them and then went back to their house to visit and eat dinner. 

Playing in the snow didn't happen until 2 days later, yesterday.  Charlotte decided to play in it after school.  It had already melted a bit by then, but she still had fun. 

Today it is in the 50's and most of the snow is already gone!  That's the way I like it!! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013


The girls and I were invited to a fun little party with some friends, just because!  They made their own pizzas and played some games.  I just chatted with the mom's :-)  They love making their own Papa Murphy's pizza...but this was all homemade...I'm not that good. ;-)

Poor Charlotte had to leave school early that day because supposedly had a fever!  She was perfectly fine the rest of the day so we still went to the party.  It was Dr. Seuss' bday so they were supposed to dress up and walk in a parade.  She had to miss it. :-(

Saturday, March 2, 2013


I'm trying something new.  Posting from my Samsung tablet from my instagram pics.  We've been busy, so haven't taken too many real pics.  We've had sickness, wii playing, bread making, hair cuts, pinterest crafts...and coming soon....NEW COUCHES!!!  

Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon!