Monday, January 30, 2012

Rascal's Fun Zone

We went to a fun birthday party for Spenser at Rascal's on Saturday. The kids had a great time, especially on the go karts. The face painting was free (we tipped) and the lady did an awesome job! They had duck pin bowling too, which the kids had never done and thought was pretty cool. Thanks for inviting us!

Bowling Date

We had a great time bowling on our Friday Night Date Night. We missed those that couldn't make it!

Mike won Angela $2 and Nathan won $5! They randomly had glowing orange pins, and if they were in a certain position (end or front middle) and you got a strike, you won money!

We had to stop at Dairy Queen for dessert afterwards. We had a great time laughing it up until they kicked us out. :-)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

100 Days

I spent my afternoon in Charlotte's kindergarten class for the 100th day of school. It was so fun. They each brought in 100 things of something in a baggy. We weren't very creative, we just took in 100 fruit loops. Others brought in 100 pennies, 100 pictures of themself, 100 m&m's, 100 cotton balls, 100 beads, 100 stickers. I even saw a friend from the a.m. class with 100 tissues! ;-) One of the dads came in with 100 grains of salt...why? Why take the time to do that???
The kids wrote about what they would do if they had $100. Most of the boys wrote about legos, the girls about barbies. Charlotte wrote, "If I had 100 dollars, I would buy a barbie. It is 20 dollars for the wedding stylist." She has $80 left, what's she gonna do with it? :-)
The kids split up in groups and I helped a group with doing things in 100 seconds. They made predictions on how many sit-ups and jumping jacks they could do in 100 seconds. They also had to predict how long they could balance on one leg. Then see how many times they could write their name in 100 seconds. The kids were pretty funny.
I forgot my camera (surprise) and even left my phone in the car. But I snapped a quick picture of Charlotte with her crown on after school.

I can't believe she's already had 100 days of kindergarten. And that's in the end of January. Where has all the time gone??

Monday, January 23, 2012

School lunch

Brooke is constantly begging me to come have lunch with her. I've been several times this year already, but went again on Friday. In other years, I have brought McDonald's or pizza to eat, but at this school you are not allowed to bring fast food in. Bummer. And her school is not close to any other restuarants so it's not worth it to take her out. So school lunch it is. At least it was pizza day...but why charge Charlotte an adult rate instead of a student rate? That irks me. I think she really just wants Charlotte there, as she doesn't hardly speak to me while we're there. We would've stayed for recess, but they had it indoors since it was below freezing.

One of these days I'll start taking pictures on my real camera again. I just never have it on me.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Home Depot

Home Depot is the best. They have these cool kid workshops once a month. I've heard about them for yeeeeaaars (probably first in Big Rapids, MI; why we never went is beyond me)but never marked it on the calendar to go. I finally made it a priority and went on Saturday. I guess I should mention at the country fair at Conner Prairie a few months back, they participated in one. They enjoyed it so knew they would again.

The only problem is that I seem to lack the skills neccessary to build a simple project. Good thing dad is always there. The girls didn't want my help, since I can't seem to hammer a nail in straight. I'll have to work on that by going often. :-) So, I was the official picture taker...and that was fine by me. (Even though, I forgot my REAL camera)

We also used a gift card to Best Buy to buy Just Dance for the WII. Boy, is that fun...and a WORKOUT!! Who knew??? It's pretty hilarious watching the kids and Nathan do it...then again, it's probably pretty funny watching ME do it. Let's hope there's never a video posted...AAAKKK!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Rest of Christmas Break...

is on my camera phone.

50 cent ice cream cones at Little America in Wyoming!

Playing with our friend, Riley, at McDonald's in Cheyenne!

Children's Museum fun!!!!

Having fun with our easy bake oven...

Not pictured...rock wall climbing, ice skating, eating and playing with "new" friends at Chick-fil-a (new for them, old for me), fun with cousins, playing with all our new toys, New Year's Eve fun and games, and more!

I'm so glad school is back in session! I'm tired of keeping these kids entertained! :-)
Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon!