Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Country Fair and a Fancy Party

Saturday we went to Conner Prairie for a good, old fashioned Country Fair! There was all kinds of fun things to do and we didn't even see it all or do everything!

Highlights: The Apple Store! It had some yummy apple treats, but will we ever find yummy apple donuts like we had in Michigan??? :-(

BIG tractors!

A tomahawk throwing contest that Nathan has been DYING to participate in. hehehe. He actually made the landing on this throw!

Some really fun, really crazy bikes that we got to take a ride on. It was pretty exciting.

We made an egg-a-pault. (A catapault with an egg in catapault it high in the air and see if the eggs cracks...ours did not)

We also took a hayride, made some crafts, and climbed up on big tractors.

Then last night I took the girls to Fancy Nancy party at the library. I wasn't sure if it could top the party we went to in Kentucky, but I still thought they would have fun. Click here to refresh your memory. Brooke didn't really want to go, but she didn't really have a choice. Nathan was out of town and so it was going to be our FHE. Charlotte threw on some dress up clothes and off we went. Of course, once we got there, Brooke thought it was awesome and wanted to participate. We read a couple books, watch a video of the author, made some masks, and had a snack. I didn't think it compared to the one in Kentucky, but the girls said this one was best. So whatever makes them happy.

Charlotte kept taking off some of her accessories, so Brooke would put them on, since she hadn't wanted to dress up, it worked out.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Morse Park and Beach

Charlotte and I recently spent the morning at Morse Park and Beach. It has a great playground right on the Lake. There is a beach but we never made it there this summer. Lots of fisherman were nearby and there was a nice breeze. I could've stayed on the swing all day...AAAhhh

Duck Race

Have you missed me? Didn't think so...I haven't had much to blog about lately now that school has started. And I never seem to have my camera on me to catch fun things...but I always have my phone!

I love living in a small(ish) town...Noblesville always has something going on. Saturday was no exception. They had a rubber duck race down the White River! You could purchase a duck for $5 and watch the ducks float down the river..I know weird, right? Apparently the money was going to some kind of charity. We didn't make it in time to purchase our duck but we did stop at the park to wait and watch the ducks float by. Oh, some of the winners got nice prizes!

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