Sunday, May 29, 2011

Charlotte's 5!

On Charlotte's actual birthday we went with her friend Gretchen to a fun kids place. It was half inflatables, half gymnastics. They had slides and tunnels and mazes, plus trampolines, foam pits, trapezes, rope swings, balance beams, and more. It was a fun day. Unfortunately my camera wasn't really working very well so I didn't get very many good pictures.

Saturday was the big day she was waiting for though. We had a few friends from church over for a Princess Party. Pretty much the same kind of party from last year, just different girls and Brooke. Last year the party was during school and Brooke couldn't be there, but this year Brooke requested she be able to attend. :D She was kinda like the party director. It was great. We played a few games like Pin the Crown on the Castle, and Pass the Glass Slipper. We had some snacks and played dress up. Then for the last 1/2 hour they just wanted to play with the barbies and princesses. So play they did.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


We were supposed to go to Chuck-E-Cheese as a family to celebrate Brooke's birthday. Since she was sick on her birthday we had to find another day to go. We finally got there the other day. We made it a combined birthday celebration since Charlotte's birthday is this coming week. We left as soon as Brooke got home from school and so we got there by 3:30. Perfect time to be at Chuck-E-Cheese!! We almost had the whole place to ourselves. We let them play for about an hour and then we ordered our pizza. By the time we left after 5:00, it was starting to get busy.

Hmmm...where did Daddy disappear to?? He's supposed to be helping one of the kids!!

Charlotte was always too distracted to actually look at the camera. lol

Saturday, May 21, 2011

New couch

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I went from this...

to this...

After 11 years of marriage I'd say it was time for an upgrade, wouldn't you? Not brand new, I scored it for $75 at a garage sale today!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Big Splash

Brooke and I left Friday after school for a FUN girl scout trip. We went to a hotel/water park in French Lick with some of the girl scouts and their moms. They did such a great job selling cookies that we had to reward them in a BIG way. We got in about 5:00 Friday night and swam for a few hours. Then woke up on Saturday and swam for SEVERAL more hours! The girls hardly got tired at all. We didn't get home until about 6 pm last night but it was a blast!! Here are the highlights in pictures:

I have lots more pictures, but I will spare you all. Just know, it was a GREAT time! Brooke already wants to go back!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Field Trip

Last week I was a chaperone on a field trip to the Louisville Science Center. I can't really say it was a fun time...I got a headache from sitting to close to the IMAX movie, one of the girls kept running away from me, and another kept complaining the whole time. Not to mention riding a school bus...But Brooke was glad I went and I'm glad I got to spend the time with her.

It's GREAT to be EIGHT!!

Brooke is 8 today! It would be GREAT except she is home sick from school today :(. She has a bit of a stomach bug, poor thing. The nice thing about it is dad is working from home today and he's not been too busy so they've played the WII for several hours. We had a plans to get pedicures after school (a friend got her a gift certificate--they know us too well)and then go to Chuck-E-Cheese for dinner. We may still do the pedicures if she's feeling up to it later.

She did have a fun birthday party with friends this past weekend. I had planned to do a park party since our house is so small. Then it had been raining nonstop and I didn't know if that would work out or not. The morning of the party was hit or miss showers, but the weather during the party was perfect! It was a great day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Afterschool Adventures

Brooke has been participating in some fun end of the year after school activities. Girl Scouts is winding down and last week the girls tie dyed some bandanas. It was a lot of fun and exciting to find out what it looked like the next day!

She also participated in Clay Club for a few months at school. Her teacher had a short program and open house displaying all of their beautiful work.

She was also in Choir and they had their end of the year performance last week. She has had a great time participating in all of these activities.

In a few weeks, the girl scouts are having their end of the year celebration as well. We're going to an indoor water park/hotel in French Lick Indiana. That should be exciting!

And, if you didn't hear on facebook...We're moving!! Nathan is being transferred to the Indy office. Still in the process of finding a place to live...stay tuned!
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