Sunday, September 30, 2012

No More Training Wheels

Yesterday Charlotte decided to try to ride her bike without training wheels.  She's been a little scared of her bike since her bicycle accident when she was 3 or 4.  So we were just waiting for her to make the decision on her own.  She practiced a little bit yesterday and then again after church today (in pajammas and all).  She did great!  She was so proud of herself and so were we!  She then went on a longer bike ride with Daddy and Brooke around the neighborhood without any problems. 

This came just in time, because yesterday we noticed sidewalks being built all the way from our neighborhood to the city park and library, which is about 2 or 3 miles away.  Otherwise, we would have to ride on the busy street.  Now, especially next Spring and Summer, we can ride our bikes to the library and park! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back to school fun

Not a whole lot has been happening in our neck of the woods, hence the no posting.  I'm sure all 3 of my readers have been sitting on pins and needles.  HA! 

I did go to lunch with Charlotte at school last week.  She was so excited because when you have a guest for lunch, you get to sit at a special guest table and choose a friend to sit with you also.  A friend had chosen her to sit with her previously, and this time she chose her friend Delaney. 

Later that week when I went to have lunch with Brooke, I had the time wrong!  I thought they ate at 12:30 (late, yes, but Charlotte eats at 10:45 so...).  Come to find out they eat at 12:00 and are done at 12:30.  I got there just as they were cleaning up.  Poor thing was a little sad. 

 Hopefully I made it up to her by going on a field trip with her.  It was a park in the area where they have found evidence of Native Americans living there about 800-900 years ago.  They learned some of the history of the people, played some games, went on a Nature Hike, and tried some food they would have eaten. 

Then last night the Activity Day girls (girls between the ages of 8-11) had a fun night playing Daddy/Daughter Kickball.  It actually ended up being really fun, but not sure whose idea it was to play dads against daughers???  The dads played real easy on them though.  It was pretty fun to watch. 

Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon!