Thursday, May 29, 2014

Easter, 5th Grade Musical, Concert, and Birthdays

I'm way behind on blogging again.  Most of my pictures are on my phone which aren't great quality.  We've done a lot and had lots of fun so I still want to document it here! 

Easter was so much fun.  Several egg hunts, egg dying, dress shopping.  Brooke is in denial that she is getting too old to do Easter Egg Hunts.  We'll see how much longer she can get away with it. 

This one was at Forest Park.  Not our favorite but one year Charlotte did win a prize so we keep going back. 

This egg hunt was at Noblesville Golf and Batting.  We found a whole corner that had a ton of eggs and not very many kids.  They each got a TON of eggs, but still, no prize. :-(

 Easter Dresses. 
The girls had their yearly check ups during Spring Break.  Brooke had to get her 6th grade shots.  This is a day she has been dreading since her kindergarten shots.  I think I tricked her into those and she has not been looking forward to this day since.  I wasn't really sure if they would do her shots on this day, but they were planning on it.  Brooke was not happy about it.  The nurse was really nice though.  She is smiling here because the shots didn't hurt at all!  She started laughing because she wasn't sure what she was so afraid of.  Unfortunately, her arm hurt the next day though, and she wasn't happy about that.  It is good to face your fears!

Brooke was in the 5th grade musical.  She was a back up singer/dancer in School House Rock.  She had fun rehearsing for it.  We made the Interplanet Janet shown in the picture below.  Nathan is pretty proud of it. 

Some of the cast before the show.  I helped to do the make up this night.  

Brooke celebrated 11 years of living on Mother's Day.  We got to share the day.  Nathan and Charlotte made us both breakfast in bed.  I thought I would feel jipped, but I think Brooke did.  At church everyone was telling me "Happy Mother's Day" and not telling her "Happy Birthday".  Your birthday only comes once a year.  I can celebrate being a mother any day of the week.  We had cake and ice cream at Grandma and Grandpa Asay's house.  

We got her new bedding for her room.  It is zebra stripes. She also got some accessories to match.

We took the girls to their first concert.  Charlotte LOVES Jason Aldean (just like her dad) and he was playing at Indianapolis Motor Speedway the night before the Indy 500.  It was an early concert so that was nice.  The crowd was a little...rough.  We even saw someone get arrested right in front of us.  It was definitely an interesting experience for the girls.  Not the normal crowd we expose them to, but I think they learned first hand how NOT to act and dress.  Charlotte knew all the songs though and loved it.  The next day she said to me, "I can't believe I went to the Jason Aldean concert.  I just can't believe it."  She was in awe.  

Memorial Day was Charlotte's birthday.  She wanted the Lego Friends beach house.  She also got a new dress for her baptism and scriptures.   We took her to some of her favorite places. Chick-fil-a for lunch, Monkey Joes, and Menchies for dessert.  We are having a Frozen themed birthday party for friends on Saturday. 

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